from the January 2007 issue

IVC's 2006 Summary: Israeli High-Tech M&As valued at $10.6 billion;

M&A activity involving Israeli companies that were either acquired or merged totaled $10.58 billion in 2006 in 76 deals. The total dollar volume was significantly higher than in previous years and was a third of the $35.8 billion for Israeli high-tech M&A deals since 2000 (Figures exclude the $4 billion acquisition of Iscar). The most noteworthy M&A deal during 2006 was the acquisition of Mercury Interactive Ltd. by Hewlett-Packard for $4.5 billion. Other significant deals included the acquisition of M-Systems by SanDisk Corp. for $1.55 billion, the acquisition of Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd. by VeriFone Holdings Inc. for $793 million.

According to IVC General Manager Guy Holtzman, "Most Israeli high-tech companies that were merged or acquired are providing their acquirers with highly accomplished R&D centers, underpinned by strong technology and outstanding human resources. While many talk about India and China or even Eastern Europe, Israeli entrepreneurship and the Israeli experience still have distinct advantages over the near term, as Israeli managers have prepared to meet the global competitive challenges.  We expect foreign interest in Israeli firms to continue in 2007."

Venture-backed Israeli mergers and acquisitions in 2006 totaled $2.96 billion and consisted of 45 deals. Included were the acquisition of Passave Inc. by PMC Sierra for $300 million and the acquisition of Disc-O-Tech Medical Technologies Ltd. by Kyphon Inc. for $240 million (in several stages until 2008).

In 2006, 20 Israeli companies raised $693 million through initial public offerings on US, European, Asian and Israeli stock exchanges. Notable offerings in 2006: Playtech Ltd. - raised $460 million on AIM; Allot Communications Ltd. - raised $78 million on NASDAQ and Incredimail Ltd. - raised $49 million on NASDAQ Small Cap. Venture-backed IPOs of Israeli firms raised $148 million in six deals including the NASDAQ offerings of Allot Communications and Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. ($39.6 million). The material was supplied by IVC.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report January 2007

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