from the January 2007 issue

The Israeli Satellites

The AMOS-1 Israeli geostationary satellite, located at 4 degrees west, began operations in 1996. It was built by the Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) and uses 7 Ku-band transponders, primarily for direct-to-home television broadcasting, TV distribution and VSAT services for customers in the Middle East and in Central Europe. Spacecom Ltd. is the exclusive marketer and service provider of AMOS-1 services.

Another satellite, the Gurwin-II TechSAT, was launched in July 1998. This experimental satellite was designed, manufactured and is controlled by The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The Gurwin-II TechSAT provides communications, remote sensing and research services.

ImageSat system- designed and manufactured, like AMOS-1, by IAI, provides services via MBT Ltd., an international consortium headed by Israeli Aircraft Industries, had launched its EROS satellite in 2000. EROS is a non-geostationary orbit satellite, which provides highly accurate commercial photography and surveillance services.

In December 2003, Spacecom Ltd. launched AMOS-2 and it is co-located with AMOS-1. AMOS-2 has 11 Ku-band transponders and 3 backup transponders, 72 MHz bandwidth each. It has 3 spot beams: the Middle East beam supports up to 11 transponders; the Europe beam supports up to 6 transponders; and US East Coast beam supports up to 8 transponders.

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Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report January 2007

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