from the January 2012 issue

Israeli company launches Touchless technology

The XTR3D website introduces the technology. "Gesture control any device. Motion control any game," the website says. "XTR3D Gesture Control Interface supports gestures up to 5 meters away from the screen, in real life environment and with multiple people in front of the TV."

The Tel Aviv company just received a large investment of $8 million. One of the big investors was U.S. company "Texas Instruments". Other companies clearly see a market in this technology after the Microsoft Kinect gaming console did extremely well despite the $200 price tag. But don't get XTR3D confused with Microsoft's popular gaming console. Instead of using depth sensors, XTR3D uses the 2D cameras on your smartphone to create a three-dimensional effect.

"It can be installed into any consumer electronics device," XTR3D spokesperson Roy Ramati said. He adds that it will be offered at an affordable price to reach a broader amount of consumers.

You can look forward to giving your hands a rest when the technology launches in 2012.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report January 2012

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