from the January 2012 issue

New cardiac invasive technology

A new advanced technology has been developed for the first time worldwide, at the Invasive Cardiology Institute, headed by Prof. Ran Kornowski, at Rabin Medical Center (Beilinson and Hasharon Hospitals) where all the pertinent information collected during the catheterization procedure is sent directly to the iPAD. This new application allows for the cardiologist to see the entire catheterization process on the iPAD screen, both for utilization with the patients and the staff. Developed in conjunction with the Mckesson Company this application allows the doctor the opportunity to sit with his patient and their family, and explain the catheterization procedure in a very simple visual matter, with clear cut high resolution imaging.

It is important to note that cardiac catheterization procedure provides pertinent significant on line information about the activities of the patients heart and the condition of the arteries which then allows the cardiologist to accurately assess the situation and carry out to best most accurate catheterization procedure necessary.

Prof. Ran Kornowski who heads the Institute of Invasive Cardiology and initiated this project: "This is only a small stone in the age of new medical technologies where now instead of just explaining the catheterization procedure to the patient and his family through words we can now use the iPAD to show them visually, in a very clear and professional manner the entire medical procedure. It is a completely different and very exciting experience which truly allows for the doctor and patient to meet at eye level, while also completely protecting the privacy of the patients. It is also a very high level professional way to discuss the catheterization with other cardiologists on line around the world. I believe that this application will pave the road for the initiation of many other imaging applications which can be downloaded on to the iPAD, opening up a new wave of useful advantageous medical technologies, beneficial to both the patient and the physician, allowing for much wider worldwide cooperation."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report January 2012

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