from the February 2015 issue

Technological innovation: more value to the consumer

FOODTECH pertains to those technologies that have food-related applications through the entire value chain - from growing agricultural raw materials through various processing stages to packaging. Companies that employ such new and advanced technologies will be able to manufacture improved-value products for their consumers.

In the past, it was evident that technological innovation came from projects invested by private investors. Next it was the corporations that led to such solutions by setting up laboratories and conducting research. In recent years, investments of venture capital funds have taken over to promote innovation, and more and more companies are currently establishing accelerators and funds to support such projects.

The reason for growing investments of external funds in food is that large food corporations are placed in a weak position when they develop an innovative technology. It is a small startup company that can operate flexibly and quickly and achieve its goals faster and more efficiently compared to a large corporation.

Conversely, corporations can more efficiently assist the promotion of early-stage ventures and help take a venture from the basic feasibility stage to prototype development, while providing professional managerial tools.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report February 2015

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