from the February 2016 issue

Israeli startups raise $400m in past month

Three Israeli startups have each raised $50 million as financing rounds climb to unprecedented levels.

In the past month, Israeli startups have raised an astonishing $400 million. This unprecedented amount included three startups that raised $50 million: DevOps developer JFrog, data recovery and protection company Zerto, and business intelligence and analytics company SiSense.

Other major financing rounds included fintech invoice factoring startup BlueVine, which raised $40 million, and flash storage company Elastifile, which raised $35 million. In addition, cloud solutions company GigaSpaces raised $20 million, chip startup MultiPhy raised $17 million, and IoT developer Neura raised $11 million.

In the field of healthcare, chronic heart treatment device developer V-Wave raised $28 million and bone regeneration company CartiHeal raised $15 million. Both these investments were led by Johnson & Johnson. Ultrasound developer Insightec raised $22 million, and catheter developer Pi-Cardia raised $10 million.

Startups closing financing of less than $10 million included smart phone call company MyState, which raised $6.5 million, seller profiling company eRate, which raised $1.7 million, cyber security company IronScales, which raised $1.5 million, and vdeo data company viisights, which raised $1.2 million.

In the final two weeks of December video ad startup Innovid raised $27.5 million, IoT startup Pointgrab raised $5 million, and algo-commerce company Feedvisor also raised $5 million.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report February 2016

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