from the February 2016 issue

Cyber investment

Israeli cyber companies could not succeed without financing, meaning mostly venture capital investments. These investments have grown, and continue to grow, given the industry's importance. According to IVC, the average first financing round for a company was $2.3 million, while in 2015 it was $6.9 million - three times as much in three years.

Thus it happened that in 2012, "only" 29 Israeli cyber companies raised $65 million, while last year, 78 companies raised $539 million, 10 times the 2010 figure of $58 million. "This means that the cyber niche heads the local high-tech industry as an investment instrument," the IVC study states.

IVC also asserts that the 78 companies that raised capital in 2012 make up 20% of all the active companies - double the rate of the Israeli high-tech industry at a whole.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report February 2016

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