from the March 2006 issue

YEDA establishes joint research fund with Johnson & Johnson

Yeda, the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, announced that it has agreed with the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Office of Science & Technology to establish a joint fund to support scientific research at the Weizmann Institute of Rehovot. The fund's research grants, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, will support research in life sciences, medical aspects of nanotechnology and the development of medical devices.

By participating in the new fund, Johnson & Johnson will be exposed to emerging scientific research, and be able to follow new scientific trends as they develop, in real time.

"We welcome the cooperation with Johnson & Johnson, one of the most broadly-based manufacturers of health care products in the world," says Dr. Isaac Shariv, CEO of Yeda. "We believe this joint fund will lead to stronger ties between the company and Israel, to the mutual benefit of all sides." Yeda's Chief Business Officer, Dr. Einat Zisman, said: "Since the announcement of the program, we have received a number of requests for support for exciting, original, multidisciplinary research projects. No doubt the existence of a joint fund with Johnson & Johnson will encourage the growth of novel directions in research at the Weizmann Institute and the development of new intellectual property."

"Johnson & Johnson is committed to funding research at leading universities worldwide, and we are very excited to establish a partnership with Yeda and the Weizmann Institute to support healthcare innovations," said Dr. Joni Catalano-Sherman, Corporate Director for Johnson & Johnson. "We are convinced that the research funded through collaborations with research institutions throughout the world will help lead to medical breakthroughs that could transform the lives of patients in the future."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report March 2006

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