from the March 2006 issue

TrafficSense alerts drivers of traffic tie-ups on cell phones

TrafficSense from Cellint uses anonymous signaling on cell phones to directly relay traffic information quickly and easily. Cellint's "VirtualSensor" technology finds the exact location of the mobile phone by analyzing the control signals on the cellular network.

"The idea behind TrafficSense is built on the premise that increasingly, everybody has their cell phone on while they're driving," explained Modena, Cellint's Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. "The information is relayed directly to the traffic management system of the road operator - it's quick, easy to install, and there's no problem with privacy. It finds the exact locations of all active mobile phones without burdening the cellular network and without changing it in any way, simply by analyzing the control signals on the cellular network.

Unlike traffic detection sensors that detect incidents and measure travel times at sensor locations only, the TrafficSense technology allows travel time measurements over dynamic travel intervals and accurate incident detection anywhere on the roads. While those approaches showed promise at the time, none of those early efforts proved both economically and operationally feasible for transportation applications. The major testing ground for TrafficSense has been the Ayalon Freeway, the main highway in Tel Aviv where the system has been operational since 2002. This issue becomes vital when dealing with the system Cellint has developed for drivers, which will revolutionize the way in which commuters will get from place to place.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report March 2006

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