from the March 2008 issue

Israel's new TESCAR spy satellite transmits first top quality images

Footage from Israel's TESCAR satellite, recently launched into space has successfully transmitted images. The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) reported that the satellite, which could boost Israel's intelligence gathering capabilities regarding Iran, was working perfectly.

The IAI added that satellite's first photos, including a topographical picture of the Latrun memorial monument, were received with very high quality.

Yitzhak Nitzan, head of IAI, said the satellite's capabilities were a huge technological achievement. Nitzan added that the IAI had initially begun the TESCAR project with only little knowledge and large financial constraints, yet managed to achieve perfect results.

Defense establishment officials stated that the TESCAR, which was sent into orbit from India on January 21, is Israel's best satellite to date.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report March 2008

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