from the March 2009 issue

South Korea to buy Israeli radar system in $215 million deal

South Korea's military has decided to buy Israel's Oren Yarok (Green Pine) radar warning system, in a deal worth $215 million, according to a report in Sunday's Korea Times newspaper.

South Korea plans to install the system for operational use by 2012.

The United States and France also put in bids for the deal. The U.S., however, was only willing to sell South Korea a less advanced radar system.

The deal is one of the largest weapons sales ever between Israel and South Korea. Israel Aerospace Industries previously lost a tender to sell South Korea the Falcon radar warning system, after the U.S. pressured them to favor American companies.

Oren Yarok was developed by Elta, and is used as Israel's main warning system.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report March 2009

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