from the March 2011 issue

New system measures customer service response time

High-tech company Tikal Networks launches unique, innovative system estimating quality of organizations' customer service centers

High-tech company Tikal Networks, one of the companies leading the VOIP communications revolution in Israel, is launching a unique and innovative system that measures response times and the quality of the service in customer service centers.

The system is capable of accurately measuring response times in customer service centers in government offices and other organizations.

Tikal Networks CEO Alex Argov stated that many companies operate customer service centers. We are offering a system that simulates incoming calls for the organizations and measures response times and service quality of company employees at the customer service center .

According to Argov, the system recognizes voicemail, facsimile or human response and acts accordingly. In the case of voicemail, the system will leave a message and wait for an answer. In the case of human response, the system measures the response time and records the beginning of the call. The system then issues quality reports for the organization.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report March 2011

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