from the March 2016 issue

ReWalk shares soar after win with US military

ReWalk, which has developed a robot device for those with spinal cord injuries as a replacement for a wheelchair, is traded at a $127 million market cap. The company held its IPO in September 2014 at $12 a share, and its shares have had a negative 12.7% return since then. The company share price soared to a peak of over $37 following the offering.

At its low point, the share was traded at $5.80, but the share again surged after the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued a national policy for the evaluation, training and procurement of ReWalk personal exoskeleton systems for all qualifying veterans. ReWalk finished 2015 with $3.7 in revenue and a $23.1 million non-GAAP net loss. The company's CEO is Larry Jasinski.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report March 2016

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