from the April 2006 issue

Brits buy CornerShot the Israeli 'James Bond' rifle

One high-tech weapon already being used by special forces is the Corner Shot, a gun with a camera and a special barrel that swings on a hinge, allowing the shooter to observe and engage the enemy from around a corner. Developed by two former officers in the Israeli Defense Forces, the Corner Shot offers sniping and assault capabilities in one weapon, all while keeping the shooter out of the line of fire.

The British Defense Ministry is to purchase the unique rifle from the Israeli "Corner Shot" company, for use in urban and terror warfare. The British Defense Ministry announced that British soldiers will be equipped with the brand new firearm called "Corner Shot." The firearm, an Israeli invention, was described as "a deadly device taken from James Bond's films."

The unique firearm was developed by the Israeli company Corner Shot from Yahud. It is designated for use in urban warfare and for anti-terror warfare.

The fighter can also observe the conditions around the corner using a video camera mounted on the front part of the barrel, which transmits the picture to a display installed next to the rifle's butt. The camera can be exchanged with night vision equipment and can transmit pictures of the battlefield to a command center. The camera attached to the gun barrel can focus on targets up to 400 meters away and can be used with any military pistol.

It can also be adapted to fit an M-16 rifle or a tear gas launcher.

In Israel the weapon is used by the Police and the Border Guard. The IHTIR interviewed Rami Shaul, vice-president of developments at Corner Shot who would neither confirm nor deny that the company's product was being successfully used in the for for urban activity in Iraq. He did confirm that the company's next product would be a hand grenade launcher.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report April 2006

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