from the April 2010 issue

Fast Company Names SolarEdge One of the World's 10 Most Israeli Devices That Can Help Slow Drivers Down

A new Israeli invention called the SpeedCator can help parents ensure that their children drive at the proper speed. The SpeediCator, made by Lipman Science & Technology of Rosh Ha'ayin, is a car and driver monitoring device, designed to continuously and automatically record and store driving behavior and vehicle performance data, and monitor the vehicle's speed to alert the driver when set speed limits have been exceeded.

The device uses a miniature camera to take pictures of your car's speedometer and records speed, excessive accelerations, sudden breaks, distance traveled and more. The miniature computer inside the SpeediCator analyzes the movements of the speedometer needle and records the data in its memory. When a set speed limit has been exceeded, the SpeediCator will provide an audio-visual alarm in order to instruct the driver to reduce vehicle's speed. It's easy to install, and is far less expensive than other monitoring systems on the market today, the company says.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report April 2010

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