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Israeli company advertises on eggs

Dorot begins using its innovative technology to promote frozen herbs for omelettes

Dorot, which manufactures fresh frozen garlic and herbs, is the first Israeli company to advertise its products on fresh eggs.

The company is using an innovative technology developed in the United States for printing on fresh eggs. The technology and equipment were brought to Israel by the Farm Eggs company from Petah Tikva, which suggested that Dorot print its logo on the top of the egg alongside the caption, "Onion and parsley cubes for omelettes."

According to Dorot, recipes using the company's products will be printed on three million eggs.

"Our goal is to promote vegetable omelettes with Dorot products, and we are engaging in every possible activity with the egg market to link fresh eggs to our frozen herbs," says Dorot Marketing Manager Zohar Shalev. "This is a new medium and we are the first to use it."

The cost of advertising on eggs is about 1.5 agorot per egg. American company HPT, owned by Meyhen, which distributes equipment and products for the egg and poultry industry, brought the egg-printing patent to Israel.

HPT owns the rights to the patent which makes it possible to print any graphic shape, as well as letters and numbers, on an uneven elliptical surface, without optical distortions. So far, the expiration date and name of the manufacturer have only been printed on the sides of the egg and not on the top.

Israel Sarel, the Israeli CEO of New Jersey-based HPT told Yedioth Ahronoth that the patent allows clear and extended exposure to the ad as soon as the carton of eggs is opened.

"The advertising catches one's eye, and in addition one is exposed to it every time an egg is picked up," he said. "This method also allows market segmentation according to audiences and areas.

"We believe this method will become popular in Israel as the price for printing on one million eggs is cheaper than advertising on television for 15 second not at prime time."

Kibbutz Dorot has 3,700 acres of field crops - garlic and herbs - which are picked and immediately cut, packed and frozen in a unique process that maintains their taste, freshness and nutritive value compared to dried herbs.

The company has controlled Israel's frozen herbs market for many years, but now Sunfrost has begun producing frozen herbs as well, which will compete against Dorot's product. This is one of the reasons Dorot is making an effort to stand out and reach customers through the eggs they buy at the supermarket.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report April 2012

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