from the April 2014 issue

The age of heroes is past

The age of heroes is past. The individuals like Efi Arazi, who founded Scitex, Israel's first succeessful high tech company, Dov Froman, who refused to stay in the United States at Intel and was given the backing to establish Israel's Intel. Fred Adler who was the first to tap Wall Street for finance, Eli Hurwitz, who led Teva to becoming a multi-national and Dan Tolkowsky who was instrumental in founding Israel's high tech industry.

These individuals added sparkle to Israel's high tech and made it possible to raise capital on Wall Street. These leaders added attention and sparkle.

Today it is hard to find the equals of the above mentioned. Gil Schwed, the founder and head of Check Point Software is a great leader but has none of the charm of the others.

And yet there are personalities like the inimitable Yosi Vardi who has become the spokesman of the local high-tech world.

We can only hope that the future will spawn some new heroes.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report April 2014

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