from the May 2007 issue

Audiodent innovates hearing device

Audiodent is a privately owned medical device company, devoted to the development, manufacturing and marketing of invisible wireless hearing devices.

Audiodent is developing a line of hearing-aid systems that is based on the physiological principle of sound conduction through the skull bone and utilizing the teeth as the path to the skull bone. The hearing-aid device placed on the tooth and will use bone conduction to deliver audio directly to the nerves, solving the discomfort, performance and stigma issues with current generation of products on one hand and the need for medical surgery on the other hand.

The World Health Organization estimates that over 120 million people worldwide have a disabling degree of hearing impairment. However, only about 10% of them are satisfied hearing aids users. In spite of introduction of new technologies to the hearing aids market, over 80% of the hearing impaired people avoid hearing aids due to poor sound quality, stigma and discomfort. 40% of those who did purchase a hearing aid are dissatisfied; 12% of the hearing aids owners do not use them at all.

Over 6.2 million hearing aids were sold in 2004 at a wholesale value of about $2.5bn. The market is ranked 5th in growth rate within the medical device industry, with 13% CAGR (Frost & Sullivan, 2005).

Audiodent's hearing systems use multidisciplinary technologies including microelectronics, RF, DSP software and mechanical engineering.

Audiodent developed and tested several prototype systems that validate the technology and concept. Patients tested prototypes with all types and degrees of hearing impairment. and demonstrated exceptional performances, which were defined by, market experts as a "revolution in audiology."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2007

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