from the May 2008 issue

Arrow successfully simulates intercept of mock Shihab missile

The Arrow anti-ballistic missile system successfully simulated an interception of a rocket designed to mimic the Iranian Shihab missile on Tuesday.

This was the first successful test involving a Blue Sparrow missile, Manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The missile is a newer version of the Black Sparrow, which was built to resemble the ground-to-ground Scud A and B missiles.

During the test, a Blue Sparrow was fired from an Israel Air Force F-15 at a height of 90,000 feet. The missile splits into multiple warheads, making it harder for the Arrow to intercept it. However, the Arrow's radar tracked the missile, simulating an intercept.

Another test is scheduled to take place in six months. In this test, an actual Arrow missile will try to intercept a Blue Sparrow.

Tests, including interceptions, have taken place on average once a year, over the past several years, and have shown good results. Israel Aircraft Industries, which manufactures the Arrow, recently received approval to begin preparing to develop an improved version, the Arrow 3.

Israel is talking with Boeing about manufacturing the new and improved Arrow 3. Israel hopes the U.S. Congress will approve funding for the project.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2008

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