from the May 2009 issue

"Diet Beef" Cows

At Agritech 2009 Israel, International Agriculture Exhibition, orders can be placed for "Diet Bull" Sperm whose meat contains much less fat

A new breed of blue bull imported from Belgium is about to revolutionize the Israeli kitchen. This new type of meat contains only 7% fat compared to 30-35% fat in regular beef. These special bulls' sperm can be ordered from Sion, an Israeli company specializing in improving the Israeli herd. Each portion will be sold for £10. The new breed is being raised at Kibbutz Neve Or. At present there is one single herd in Israel, including 80 female cows and calves. This year, 7,000 portions of sperm are expected to be used for insemination.

One kilo of the blue bull's meat is sold for NIS 18, compared with NIS 15 for hybrid veal meat.

Israel is a central intersection of cattle sperm import and export thanks to the local investment in genetic cultivation of cattle farms. In recent years Israel has exported large amounts of cattle sperm to Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Tajykistan, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya and Rowanda. "This is a classic example of the entrepreneurial flexibility so typical of Israeli entrepreneurs" says Avi Hefetz, CEO of The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute. "They know how to combine the relative advantages of technologies and different breeds and species in order to identify an effective and productive synthesis addressing the changing needs of various countries. This way, each receives a tailor made response -- ultimately the total integrated best solution," says Hefetz.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2009

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