from the May 2010 issue

Innovative surveillance system from Adaptive Imaging Technologies

An Israeli startup company has recently developed a cutting-edge surveillance camera that rivals counterparts that can only be found in science fiction. The single camera by Adaptive Imaging Technologies takes the place of an entire sector of a surveillance system by allowing both panoramic and zoomed in views of an area of surveillance, with exceptional quality.

The feature that allows this camera to have such a range of surveillance capabilities is its unprecedented resolution. Where the average off-the-rack consumer camera usually finds itself with a resolution of around 10 megapixels, Adaptive Imaging's panoramic telescope technology can deliver 1,000-megapixel resolution images. That's a massive 1 GigaPixel of raw image resolution.

Perhaps what's even more impressive than the Israeli GigaPixel camera is the software that can handle it. At the moment, there is no software that can handle one GigaPixel of data all at once. Instead, this system can focus the pixels on one particular area within the field of view and deemphasize the less critical parts of the scene. Because there are so many pixels to draw upon, the camera can zoom in on multiple images such as a security checkpoint, all emergency exits and the check in counter, at the same time. An operator can even choose to set the camera to only look at faces, for example.

"Because of this feature," Cohen says, "One single camera can take the place of a multi-camera security system at a transportation hub or national border.

With the advent of GigaPixel security cameras, organizations will be able to maximize their surveillance capabilities, and provide better security for their constituents.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2010

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