from the May 2011 issue

Venture Capital Perks Up

According to the Israel MoneyTree Report for 2001-2010 presented by PricewaterhouseCooper Israel Israeli start-ups raised $11.1 billion in venture capital over the past decade. Over the same period PwC reported that US start-ups raised $247 billion.

PwC Israel reported that Israeli start-ups raised $884 million in venture capital in 2010, up 20% from 2009 but down 37% from 2008.

Per capita venture capital investment in Israel is among the highest in the world. PwC said, "The report highlights the contribution of the money flowing into Israel from the US and domestic venture capital industry which reflects the strength of Israeli high tech. After two years of declining activity Israel's venture capital industry is showing signs of perking up.

The venture capital industry slumped along with the economic world crisis.

Most indicative of the change in trend is the growing number of investments in high-tech. The trend was also accompanied by a marked rise in merger and acquisition

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2011

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