from the May 2015 issue

BoI to increase investment in Japanese stocks

The Bank of Israel has more than doubled the amount of foreign currency reserves it can invest in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The Monetary Committee of the Bank of Israel has decided to raise the maximum threshold for investing in Japanese shares traded on the Tokyo Stock exchange from 0.33% of Israel's foreign currency reserves to 0.75%.

Israel has $86 billion in foreign currency reserves, meaning that the threshold has more doubled from $286 million to $645 million.

The Bank of Israel said that the decision was taken, "after additional examination that included investigating alternative elements that have been accepted as part of the strategic allocation, and due to the advantages of this market (the second largest) and the high level of trading, the marketing division has recommended increasing the maximum level allowed to invest in the Japanese stock market."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report May 2015

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