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Completion of ballistic testing

Security Devices International, Inc. a defense technology company specializing in the creation of non-lethal ammunition solutions -- announced that during the first quarter of 2007 the company briefed the US Army RDECOM-ARDEC in Picatinny, New Jersey, about its new Lektrox ammunition.

The team presented the patent-pending Lektrox as a solution compliant with Department of Defense specifications for both accuracy and non-lethality -- the latter is judged according to a projectile's penetration into a simulated human body.

Designed for accuracy up to a range of 60 yards, Lektrox is a unique 3rd generation solution that is being developed to instantly incapacitate targets. It does so without causing serious injury or lethality from either the built- in Wireless Electro-Muscular Disruption Technology (W-EMDT) or from the impact of the projectiles kinetic energy.

The team reported that both the 37/38mm and 40mm versions of its ammunition -- designed for use with standard riot guns and M203 grenade launchers -- were found to comply with the DoD requirements.

"We are pleased with the results of the latest briefing. As far as we are aware, Lektrox is the only projectile of its kind that complies with both these parameters," says SDI's CEO Sheldon Kales. "The conclusions confirm the success of our latest development period that resolved the final details of design -- the ballistics and aerodynamic stability needed to ensure the bullet's accurate delivery, and the mechanisms that guarantee non-injurious impact."

Mr. Kales went on to describe the unique triple mechanism that the Lektrox employs to reduce the projectile's kinetic energy levels. First is the use of a collapsible head, whose materials enlarge the contact surface to absorb part of the impact. Further potentially dangerous energy is transferred to other mechanisms one that releases a Multiple Mini-Harpoon to ae bullet to the target, the second that activates the bullet's built-in electrical system.

Clinical tests will be performed in June. SDI is now moving towards a full production file and preparations for the production of both the 37/38mm and 40mm versions of the Lektrox. R&D is being conducted in Israel by Elad Engineering Ltd. Elad's founders, Haim Danon and Ilan Shalev, previously held positions at Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Israeli Military Industries (IMI) leading such development projects as the Negev machine gun currently deployed by the IDF -- and the legendary Desert Eagle pistol, as well as other weapon systems.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report June 2007

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