from the June 2015 issue

The new Israel Aerospace Industries unveils upgraded 'suicide' drone.

AI Harop UAV carries a 15-kg warhead, can stay in the air for six hours, and fly long distances.

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) (TASE: ARSP.B1) unveiled an upgraded "suicide" unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of staying in the air for six hours and flying for long distances. The new UAV, one of the Harop series, was revealed at the end of a series of operational tests conducted in recent months, in which it demonstrated its observational capabilities, its maneuvering capabilities, and its ability to destroy its targets.

The UAV, which carries explosives, can be launched from either land-based or naval platforms. It can also be launched far from its target without revealing the UAV or the region from which it was launched. It was produced at the request of a foreign customer.

The drone is equipped with a day and night sensor that enables its operators to accurately seek out stationary or mobile land-based or naval targets at long range, locate them, and attack them. The Harop carries a 15-kilogram warhead. The battery that operates the UAV contains three command and control trailer vehicles used to communicate with the suicide UAV. One of the most prominent features of the upgraded version is its ability to halt an attack after being launched on a mission, if harm to civilians is feared.

IAI Program Director for Air & Missile Defense Systems Boaz Levy said, "The successful demonstrations and operational exercises recently performed reflect the system's reliability and quality, combined with advanced technology capabilities. IAI is a global cruise missile pioneer. IAI-made cruise missile products are adapted to the customer's needs, and prove that innovative thinking is needed in the development of sophisticated weapons. To this we add an operational technological aspect that upgrades the future weapons system, including UAVs. There is no doubt that the Harop gives our customers a significant relative advantage, and we regard it as a leading system with major sales potential."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report June 2015

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