from the June 2015 issue


Founded by Ben Lang and his father Philippe, Mapme is a self-service platform for creating crowdsourced community maps. The platform allows anyone to create a global community map. Until now, users have created maps from real estate, tech and startups to 3D printing and brain-tech. The simplicity of the map is perhaps its strength. Instead of plowing through text-based indexes of directories, users interested in 3D printing or tech in a specific region can easily peruse the local markets by using the interactive map.

"In 2015 we'll be focusing on growing and diversifying the types of maps we have on our platform. We'll be focusing much more on our mobile experience. Later in the year we'll be working on connecting between maps on our platform, with related maps, suggested places and really leveraging the data to build better maps," said Ben Lang.

Funding: Till now, Mapme has been fully funded, but the company is talking with individual investors around the world.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report June 2015

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