from the June 2015 issue


Based in Tel Aviv, SwarmBuild is a manufacturing marketplace that connects anyone with a design idea with the engineers and manufacturers they need to turn their ideas and designs into products. Essentially the company empowers engineers to sell their design ideas and turn the ideas into fruition by connecting the engineer with a relevant manufacturer.

Currently, SwarmBuild's network of partners in the US, Canada and Israel offers engineering and advanced manufacturing in a wide range of materials.

The founder and CEO of SwarmBuild, Boris Kogan believes that his company distinguishes itself from competitors such as Shapeways and BriteHub by focusing on the relationship between design and production.

"No competitor has developed all the tools needed to move from design to production. Our solution connects innovators with engineers and provides manufacturers with a proprietary easy to use pricing engine," Kogan said.

Funding: The company received an initial $20,000 from Iowa Startup Accelerator. Now, with a 15-month runway at $40,000 per month, Swarmbuild projects the cash needs to be roughly $600,000 plus a one time IP acquisition fee of $200K. Kogan is currently in talks with investors.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report June 2015

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