from the June 2015 issue

CyberArk held its IPO on Nasdaq in September 2014 at $16 a share.

Rather quickly, backed by the general capital market surge, the share tripled in value, and last March, the company conducted an offer for sale at $51 a share. The share was as high as $70.48 at one point, before profit taking put it down to $68.65, a return of 329% on the IPO share price and 35% on the price in the company's secondary flotation. The company's market cap currently stands at $2.1 billion, only 2.6% below its peak.

Incidentally, despite the pressure that ordinarily would have been created on the share by the looming flotation, the CyberArk share added 13% to its value over the past week, among other things, following another cyber attack from China on US information systems (according to recent reports).

world. The company's software allows users to circumvent local restrictions and access websites, while simultaneously allowing users to keep their personal information safe and encrypted for anonymous browsing.

"We've seen more and more online censorship in the past couple of years, with governments forcing severe restrictions on their citizens' freedom. In the West we take it for granted that we can express ourselves on social media, publish videos on sites like YouTube, or write letters to newspaper editors for publication. That's not really a choice if you're living [under] some regimes," said Gidali.

Some months ago, the company partnered with Advancing Human Rights, a global non-profit to launch 'Unblock The Web', a crowdfunding campaign to fight internet censorship and give dissidents anti-censorship tools.

"It has become increasingly hard to stop the flow of information. People in the free world can play a key role in helping activists get information out to alert the world to their regime's brutality," said David Keyes, the Executive Director of Advancing Human Rights.

Funding: In March 2015, Safer VPN received approximately $500k from private individuals. The company has been generating revenue from day one, with a steadily growing user base.

"The money was raised a month ago and will be used to accelerate growth, user acquisition and unique projects that we plan," said Sagi Giladi, CEO of the company.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report June 2015

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