from the July 2008 issue

Israeli start-up Jajah partners with Yahoo

Internet giant, Yahoo!,has chosen Israeli startup, Jajah, to power its Messenger Internet telephony service. Under the agreement, Jajah will start providing the technology and service for Yahoo's "Phone In" and "Phone Out" features in the 3rd quarter of 2008. Since Yahoo's telephony option is a paid service, Jajah will be responsible for processing calls payments, and providing customer support and the network infrastructure. Jajah, established in 2005, provides web-activated telephony, using VoIP to connect traditional landline or mobile phones. The company has amassed over 10 million users within two years. Sabrina Ellis, VP of Messenger Yahoo! said the partnership would help Yahoo "continue to provide an even greater communication experience" to its users. Yahoo! has been expanding its activities in Israel of late, with the opening of its R&D center in Haifa and its acquisitions of Israeli internet portal, Walla! and the Israeli internet browser, Foxytunes.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report July 2008

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