from the July 2012 issue

Israeli drone sensor pinpoint terror sites

The Israel Air Force is testing a sensor designed to enable its drones to spot militant hideouts and weapons, a media report said Sunday.

Israeli drones carry out surveillance missions over Lebanon and Gaza Strip, where tunnels are used for smuggling weapons and shielding militants from airstrikes.

Elbit Systems Ltd., Israel's largest defense electronics company, develops the sensor, Xinhua quoted The Jerusalem Post as saying.

The sensor uses imaging technology that shows wavelengths of materials, enabling drone operators to identify the unique spectral signature of targets, according to the report.

"It means that if a bush doesn't match the natural vegetation in an area, we will be able to detect it," an IAF officer told the Post.

Elbit said it has designed the sensor for installation on its Hermes 900, a medium-sized drone which entered service with the IAF two years ago, and on the older Hermes 450.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report July 2012

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