from the July 2014 issue

Gaza Outlook

It has been exactly a month when the warfare in Gaza began. Civilian life has been upset as an average of 300 rockets a day rained down on Israel.

Our offices were hit by shrapnel but no one, fortunately enough, was hurt. Neverheless, our publication date has been delayed.

Unfortunately the outlook for a quick ending of the conflict is not in sight. Typically, 90 minutes after the onset of a humanitarian cease fire by Israel, Hamas resumed sending rockets.

Generally speaking life goes on as normal but over 60,000 young soldiers have been called up to action.

Yet we are optimistic that the war will end shortly. One of IsraelŐs goals has been to destroy undeground tunnels that exit in Israeli territory. This has been nearly achieved. Furthermore, it is estimated that two thirds of HamasŐ rocket arsenal has been depleted.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report July 2014

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