from the July 2015 issue


2015 is turning out to be a record year for Israeli high tech. It begins with foreign investments that are pouring in at a record pace. This is a first year that is seeing China enter the local economy in a big way. While China is showing great interest in high tech it also has invested in a variety of companies that, among others, have included dairies. We suspect that China is also investing in military materiele, though this is not commonly publicized.

The amount of public exits also appears to be heading for a new record high. VERY impressive are the exits of small companies that are content with raisng sums of $30-$40 million.

Mutual funds are also attracting investments. Our Crowd headed by John Medved is talking of raising $1.0 billion, mostly from smaller and angel investors.

Perhaps most interestihng is Teva Pharmaceutical multi-billion takeover efforts of Mylan Pharmaceuticals. If succesful it will be the single largest takeover by an Israeli company.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report July 2015

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