from the August 2014 issue

150 gaming developers in Israel

According to the GameIS - Digital Games Industry Association in Israel, the country's gaming industry has an annual turnover of $450 million, and that 150 companies are developing digital games. The top ten companies in the business have about 40 employees each, and smaller companies each have 5-10 employees. The companies usually develop 2-3 games a year. The industry has over 2,000 employees, including software developers and programmers, script writers, designed, animators, and production staff.

"Within a few years, the digital gaming industry has grown from a few dozen to several thousand workers and become one of the most sought-after sectors in high tech,"GameIS chairman Nir Miretzky told "Globes". "The global gaming industry has for a long time been one of the world's largest industries, surpassing the movie industry, with a turnover of over $400 billion a year. Facebook has declared that three Israeli companies are among the ten most profitable Facebook gaming companies. It has also targeted games from China, Russia, and Israel as some of its growth targets for 2014. These two statements indicate the great potential for continued growth by Israeli gaming developers."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report August 2014

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