from the August 2016 issue

Investing Overseas

The flow of investment capital continues in record sums. Perhaps one of the interesting points is that large sums of money come from countries outside of Israel. This country has about 40 venture capital funds but they provide only a small proportion of the incoming investment capital. Just this week we learned of investments from India, China and of course, the United States.

Successful Israeli entrepreneurs also appear to be reinvesting their gains. A case in point, is that of Dov Moran, the originator of the key disk. who recently founded a $100m. Venture capital fund. With over 250 foreign companies that have established research facilities in Israel, its strong high-tech capability has been rated by the University of Lausanne as one of the top five world powers in this key area. While foreigners in 2015 invested $4 billion in Israel, Apple alone has invested over a billion dollars in creating a hardware development center with 800 Israeli employees. The Israelis, who created drip agriculture, are exporting $2 billion a year in water technology and recently hosted the leading international water conference.

Foreigners are also investing in mature Israeli companies. A foreigh company now owns nearly 10% of Teva Pharmaceutical. There is little indication that the current trend will change Israeli company offers.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report August 2016

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