from the September 2008 issue

Microsoft buys data quality start-up Zoomix

Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) has acquired data quality start-up Zoomix Ltd.. Market sources said that the purchase price was $20-30 million. Zoomix's development staff will join the Microsoft research and development center in Israel, and the company's solutions will be added to solutions of the Microsoft SQL Server group. Microsoft said that the acquisition would enable to provide customers with a manageable and scalable enterprise-class data quality solution which further enhances Microsoft's vision of making SQL Server a complete data platform for all data management needs. Zoomix has developed a new approach to data quality. The system uses guided self-learning technology to parse, match, classify and clean data, and applies this knowledge to every new piece of information fed into the system, even if it has not encountered similar data before.

Zoomix was founded in 2000 by Avinoam Omer, Noam Shindler, and Ariel Shoham. It's current CEO is Amir Biran. According to IVC Online, Zoomix has raised $8 million to date from Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and the Safra Group. Security Industry NEW The Israeli Security Agency has approved TraceGuard Technologies Inc.'s CompactSafe explosive detection system for deployment at border crossings. New York-based TraceGuard says its trademarked CompactSafe is designed to detect traces of explosives and other threats at screening checkpoints. Israeli security officials are working to replace the current manual process with an automated detection technology at international border crossings. Officials say CompactSafe, which has been field tested at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport and at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, is an initiative to improve the quality of the inspections and to reduce costs. "TraceGuard is very proud to have completed the ISA certification process," Avi Kostelitz, TraceGuard chief executive officer, said in a statement.

"The Israel Security Agency is known to be one of the most demanding certifying agencies worldwide. We believe that CompactSafe offers a unique solution to improving explosives detection, one of the critical challenges in border crossing and in public events."

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report September 2008

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