from the October 2006 issue

Novel device for identifying explosives

An Israeli company called TraceGuard Technologies has pioneered a detection device it claims can identify explosives with unparalleled sensitivity, which could simplify airport baggage checks. TraceGuard originally developed CompactSafe, a system geared at detecting traces of chemicals in electronic devices commonly used to conceal explosives, such as laptops, cameras or cellular phones. In response to last month's security alerts however, a new device in development known as CarrySafe will be able to detect liquids in carry-on bags, which will be vital if baggage restrictions remain in place.

Unlike standard detectors, TraceGuard's technology can be placed alongside the X-ray scanners, removing the need for time-consuming swab tests and individual bag checks.

Dr Ehud Ganani, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TraceGuard, said that his firm was "committed to providing a unique solution to a complex and challenging security dilemma," confirming that the technology should be installed in a Tel Aviv checkpoint by December. Airport authorities around the world will be watching the success of this pilot program eagerly.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report October 2006

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