from the October 2007 issue

EMC buys Israeli start-up Illuminator's IP

EMC Corp. (NYSE:EMC) acquired the technology (intellectual property) of Israeli start-up Illuminator Inc. for just under $10 million. Illuminator raised $10 million from Evergreen Venture Partners and Greylock Partners. The company developed enterprise application recovery software solutions. The company's products help organizations meet strict external and internal regulatory requirements for recovery of applications and servers. EMC will market the company's solution.

Illuminator CEO Yoav Boaz and VP R&D Rami Katz co-founded the company in 2004. Boaz previously founded and ran Integrity Systems Ltd.; Illuminator is a spin-off of Integrity, a supplier of enterprise data recovery systems. Illuminator has 16 employees in Israel and California. The company and its employees will join EMC's Israeli development center. The company's website was closed following the acquisition.

EMC has acquired five Israeli start-ups in the past two years, including Kashya, nLayers, and proActivity in 2006.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report October 2007

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