from the October 2008 issue

CompactSafe explosive detection system

TraceGuard, a company which specializes in technologies and solutions for improving automated explosives detection, has developed CompactSafe, a system capable of inspecting and automatically extracting traces of explosives from items that have complex internal mechanisms such as laptops or medical devices. CompactSafe has been recently certified by the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) to replace the manual processes of explosive detection at international border crossings.

Up until now, items that are hard to inspect have been checked via manual collection methods ("swabbing") which are far less accurate. CompactSafe is not intended to replace the standard chemical detectors currently used, but to add to their efficiency and accuracy. The system has already been field tested in Israel at the Ben Gurion Airport and at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

"TraceGuard is very proud to have completed the ISA certification process. The ISA is known to be one of the most demanding certifying agencies worldwide. We believe that CompactSafe offers a unique solution to improving explosives detection, one of the critical challenges in border crossing and in public events. This approval allows us to start sales of the CompactSafe system in Israel and other countries" said Avi Kostelitz, CEO of TraceGuard.

CompactSafe's inspection process is done by placing the item in the machine's inspection chamber. Then, using the proprietary automated trace extraction technology, CompactSafe causes the rapid release and extraction of particles from the item by sealing and manipulating air molecules. The trace material collected is then analyzed via a chemical analyzer which displays the results on its screen.

"This technology is capable of extracting microgram levels of explosives, traces smaller than fingerprints. CompactSafe is able to extract any type of explosive trace, in both solid and liquid form," further explains the company.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report October 2008

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