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from the October 2011 issue

The BIRD Foundation Investment

The BIRD Foundation, whose mission is to stimulate, promote and support industrial R&D of mutual benefit to the United States and Israel, approved last week an investment in nine new projects with a total value of 8.1 million dollars. The projects, approved at a meeting of the Board of Directors in Washing DC, include advanced developments in life sciences, information technology for medical applications, electronics, software and energy.

Innovative Projects:

Europe R&D leaders meet in north Israel EUREKA's representatives from 40 countries agree to invest £134 million in industrial initiatives across Europe, approve 89 project proposals

The companies participating include Pioneer (a subsidiary of Dupont), Access USA, and MedStar Health.

The BIRD Foundation promotes cooperation between Israeli and American companies in various fields of technology, and helps locate strategic partners in both countries for joint product development.

The Foundation has approved over 820 projects in which the BIRD Foundation has invested 290 million dollars during 34 years of operation. These projects have produced to date direct and indirect sales of over $8 billion.

The projects approved include developments such as an advanced medical simulation system, developing foliar-disease-resistant varieties of soybean leaves, and a highly efficient energy system for small commercial application. "US companies are investing considerable resources in innovation, including identifying other unique solutions worldwide," said Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, executive director of the BIRD Foundation. "In Israel they find an inexhaustible pool of creative ideas and innovation.

"The synergetic connection between American and Israeli companies, with the assistance of the BIRD Foundation, creates a great advantage to both parties, which eventually manifests itself in manufacturing jobs, sales and profits. " The next approval cycle of the Foundation will take place in December. The deadline for submitting abstracts is September 15.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report October 2011

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