from the November 2014 issue

Publicis acquires 20% stake in Matomy for $65.6m

The French media giant has an option to buy 4.9% more of the Israeli digital ad company.

French media giant Publicis Groupe is buying a 20% stake in Israeli digital media ad company Matomy Media Group (LSE:MTMY) for $65.6 million at £2.27 per share. Matomy has given Publicis an option to buy a further 4.9% stake at the same price. If the option is taken up then Publicis would have bought 24.9% of Matomy for $81.7 million.

Matomy raises $70m in London IPO
Tel Aviv-based Matomy, founded in 2006 by ad executive and Chairman Ilan Shiloah, completed its IPO on the London Stock Exchange in July when it raised $70.1 million at a share price of £2.27, the same amount that Publicis paid in yesterday's deal. Matomy's IPO was no simple matter. It had initially been planned for April at a company value of $500 million and included an offer to sale shares by its owners. But "due to market conditions," the IPO was postponed by three months and its company value was cut to $347 million.

Matomy provides a digital network that mediates between advertisers and those with ad space to sell.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report November 2014

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