from the November 2015 issue

CyberArk buys Israeli cyber detection Cybertinel

CyberArk revises public offering up to $336m

CyberArk CEO Udi Mokady said, "CyberArk's acquisition of Viewfinity is another step forward in our strategy to advance the new security layer inside the network that is necessary to protect valuable corporate assets from cyber attacks. Privilege vulnerabilities exist all throughout an organization's IT infrastructure whether deep within the network or on end user devices -- and are exploited in 80-100% of advanced attacks. The addition of Viewfinity to the CyberArk solution extends privileged account security to the beginning stages of the attack cycle decreasing the probability of wider infection and lateral movement."

The Viewfinity solution operates with a single agent on the endpoint that handles privilege management and application control, using a kernel-based architecture that provides deep forensics and detection capabilities. The solution also offers a variety of deployment options, allowing organizations to select the most effective strategy to speed time to value, simplify deployment processes and reduce costs.

Mokady added, "Windows privilege management is an important part of a robust privileged account security program and we are seeing increased customer demand for it, driven by both risk and regulatory requirements. By having this technology in-house, our customers will benefit from a single, trusted partner with an integrated solution addressing all of their privileged account security needs."

Viewfinity founder and president Gil Rappaport said, "We are excited to become part of CyberArk to help advance the Privileged Account Security Solution as the critical new security layer to protect businesses from the most damaging cyber attacks. With CyberArk, Viewfinity's customers will gain from the company's global presence and support capabilities, continued innovation and coming integration with the CyberArk Shared Technology platform.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report November 2015

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