from the December 2006 issue

Intel's Israel-developed "Quad-Core Processor" enters the market

Intel, the world's largest maker of computer processors, announced that its new quad-core microprocessor was ready for the market. Developed at Intel's research and development center in the northern Israel port city of Haifa, the quad-core technology was not supposed to be ready until mid-2007.

Hailed as a "four-brain" computer, Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini said  that the new processor "ushers in another new era in computing. The capabilities of quad-core microprocessors will bring new possibilities for science, entertainment and business."

The quad-core works by combining four computing microprocessors inside a single chip, greatly increasing processor speeds and helping to save on energy.

Intel's Haifa center was responsible for originally introducing the multi-core microprocessor concept, which the company says has given it a new edge over competitors.

Intel Corp. has announced the opening in of a multicore processor technology laboratory in Haifa, Israel. The laboratory is to develop and run tests to allow independent software vendors (ISVs) to benchmark their applications on the Intel processors.

The announcement was made at the Intel Developer Forum recently held in Tel-Aviv.  At the event Intel also demonstrated the use of its processors for graphical processing for the film industry. According to the presentations, film can be completely replaced by direct capture to disk with the processing at each stage done with Intel architecture platforms.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report December 2006

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