from the December 2007 issue

Intel launches first 45-nanometer processors

Intel Corporation (Nasdaq:INTC) has launched the first 45-nanometer processors, codenamed "Penryn". The new processors use an entirely new transistor formula that alleviates the wasteful electricity leaks that threaten the pace of future computer innovation. The Penryn processors are intended for desktop computers and servers under Intel's Core 2 Extreme and Xeon brands. The new processors are intended to be produced at the company's newest fabs in Arizona and Kiryat Gat.

Intel Vice President Mobility Group and General Manager Mobile Microprocessor Group Ron Friedman says that Intel's Haifa center had a key role in development of the Penryn by helping bring the new technology to production after Intel's California center completed the basic development. In addition, the new processors will be produced at Fab 28, now under construction at Kiryat Gat, which is due to begin production in about a year, slightly later than the original target date of the first half of 2008.

Intel's announcement was the latest phase in the ongoing effort to consolidate the architecture of the Core 2, the company's latest processor, as the unchallenged leader for servers across a wide spectrum of demands: from small servers for family firms to the supercomputers installed at giant corporations, research institutes, engineering projects, and movie animation.

Reprinted from the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report December 2007

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