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Illustration of Joseph Morgenstern
by Daniel Morgenstern



The Israel High Tech & Investment Report is published by Joseph Morgenstern.

As a young student in America (in the Bronx High School of Science) Morgenstern developed the foundation of a life-long interest in science and technology. He continued university studies and earned a degree in chemistry and economics.

At the age of 29 he invented and produced a "wonder material" which employed a novel chemical fusing process. This product revolutionized one segment of America's garment manufacturing.

After immigrating to Israel in 1963, Morgenstern served as an executive in industry and was the representative of Allied Chemicals in the Middle East.

In a major development in his professional life, Morgenstern entered the field of banking. As an employee of a major Israeli bank he spent a decade in developing the international securities activities of that institution... and became an expert in functioning of the local (Israeli) financial scene.

As an expert, Morgenstern became known as a writer and lecturer on money affairs. The Jerusalem Post offered him the chance to initiate the first ever English language coverage of Israel's high-technology industry in the pages of its local and international editions.

Encouraged by scientist-President Ephraim Katzir, Morgenstern authored four books of which "Israeli Companies on Wall Street" (1984) was critically acclaimed and widely read. That same year marked the launching of the Israel High-Tech & Investment Report.

Under the auspices of his own newsletter the Israel High-Tech and Investment Report and together with the American Embassy in Tel-Aviv he sponsored three international conferences.

As publisher of the influential monthly international newsletter he became known as the "voice of Israel's high-tech sector" and has been quoted in Time Magazine, The Sunday Times of London, Bloomberg Business, and Der Spiegel.

Morgenstern consults to young Israeli companies and has assisted a biotechnology, an encryption startup, an electronic publishing company and an internet portal company, in their capital formation.