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The Israel High Tech & Investment Report is a monthly subscriber insider newsletter written and published in Israel.

Its independently prepared contents mirror Israel's activities in applied research and development ...and whose current focus is on its rapidly growing electronics and medical industry sectors.

While giving ample coverage to Israeli companies on Wall Street, the report has established an important niche by pinpointing "leaving from the cocoon" emerging growth companies.

Some of these companies, (like CheckPoint and Comverse) which were featured many years ago in the pages of the IHTIR, have since become world leaders in their respective fields.

Each month the report carries original material in the form of interviews, company analysis, and editorials, while giving coverage of news of the public companies on Wall Street and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The country's world class multimedia, software, and Internet industries are a continuous feature of the newsletter.

Readership includes the international media, governments, corporations, venture capitalists and financial institutions in Israel and around the world.

The report is now in its 30th year of publication.

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